Terms & Conditions

All sales are final. We can't accept returns because you changed your mind or ordered the wrong product, please choose carefully.

We try hard to please though and so you can always contact us to see if we can make an exception for you.

If a product fails to arrive we will refund or replace at our discretion.

If a product is DOA then we will refund or replace the item depending on the value. If the item is expensive or repairable we may ask you to ship the item back to us before we refund or replace. You must pay the shipping costs of sending items back to us. We may choose to refund you these costs at our discretion depending on the circumstances.

If you buy something that can be easily damaged or killed we may ask to see the item before we are able to make a decision about a warranty claim. In general items with a value of less than $25 that are electronic in nature and can be damaged easily will only be considered for replacement or refund if we can be sure that it was not damaged by the owner.

In the event of a lost package, we may require you to wait for the maximum length of time that delivery could possibly take. For airmail this is 6 weeks.

If we send a tracked item to you and it is marked as delivered by the postal service we will not accept any claims for a lost item.

Before an item can be considered lost you need to contact the postal service with the tracking number to try and locate the item.